Arti Armenian Unicode free font download

Arti Armenian free font

Armenian Unicode Script typeface Arti

"Arti" is a children's handwritten font created by the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Association to promote the Armenian language on the Internet and to raise the level of knowledge of the new generation of Armenian.

The use of the "Arti" font for printing textbooks and other educational manuals will allow the child to see the Armenian letters as he/she learned in school, and will ensure the similarity of the fonts used in those manuals and "Arti" tools for different games.

The font is available for free at

This 2017 unicode Script font is available for Armenian keyboard in «Regular» weight and «normal» style.

The font is free for commercial or personal use.

Author: Համազգային հայ կրթական և մշակութային միություն

Year: 2017

Type: Script

Keyboards: Armenian

Weights: Regular

Styles: normal

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