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Monotype font GNU FreeFont family. The GNU FreeFont (also known as Free UCS Outline Fonts) is a family of free OpenType, TrueType and WOFF vector fonts which aims to implement as much of the Universal Character Set (UCS) as possible, aside from the very large CJK Asian character set. The project was initiated in 2002 by Primož Peterlin and is now maintained by Steve White.

Other fonts in the family include: Free Sans and Free Serif.

This 2012 unicode Monospaced font is available for Armenian and another 6 different keyboards in «Regular» weight and 2 styles.

The font is free for commercial or personal use.

Author: GNU Freefont contributors

Year: 2012

Type: Monospaced

Keyboards: Armenian, Latin, Cyrilic, Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Arabic

Weights: Regular

Styles: normal, italic

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