GHEA Grapalat Armenian Unicode free font download

GHEA Grapalat Armenian free font

Armenian Unicode Sans-serif typeface GHEA Grapalat

Grapalat is one of the two official fonts of the Republic of Armenia. The font was designed by Edik Ghabuzyan and later approved by the Government of Armenia for mandatory use in the Armenian official document circulation. Together with the GHEA Mariam font, GHEA Grapalat is the property of Armenia and can be used by individuals and legal entities in electronic information systems.

This 2008 unicode Sans-serif font is available for Armenian and another 3 different keyboards in «Regular» & 1 other weight and 2 styles.

The font is free for commercial or personal use.

Author: Էդիկ Ղաբուզյան

Year: 2008

Type: Sans-serif

Keyboards: Armenian, Latin, Cyrilic, Greek

Weights: Regular, Bold

Styles: normal, italic

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